Cornelia Brierly

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Cornelia Brierly
Born (1913-04-12)April 12, 1913
Pennsylvania, United States
Died August 24, 2012(2012-08-24) (aged 99)
Nationality American
Alma mater Carnegie Tech
Occupation Architect

Cornelia Brierly (1913–2012) was an American architect and one of the first five women to study architecture at Carnegie Tech. She was the first female fellow of Frank Lloyd Wright in Taliesin, 1934.


Cornelia Brierly was born April 12, 1913, in Mifflin County, Pennsylvania. She studied briefly at Cornell University and the University of Pittsburgh, before enrolling in Carnegie Tech becoming one of the first five women to study architecture in the program. In 1934 she joined the Taliesin Fellowship under Frank Lloyd Wright. She worked on Wright’s Broadacre City plan, building models in Arizona and traveling to Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and Washington, D.C. to explain the ideas to a wider audience[clarification needed].[1][2]

She studied with Wright for 10 years before starting a private practice with her husband Peter Berndtson. In 1956 she returned to the Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation working as an architectural designer, interior decorator and landscape architect. She served as Honorary Chairman and Trustee of the Foundation.[1]

Brierly died August 24, 2012 at age 99.[1]

Major buildings and projects[edit]

Further reading[edit]

  • Brierly, Cornelia. Tales of Taliesin: A Memoir of Fellowship. Petaluma, CA: Pomegranate, 2000.


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