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Corpus is Latin for "body". It may refer to:




Other uses[edit]

  • Corpus (Bernini), a 1650 sculpture of Christ by Gian Lorenzo Bernini
  • Corpus (museum), a human body themed museum in the Netherlands
  • Corpus Clock, a large sculptural clock
  • Corpus (computers), a set of data used for benchmarking compression.
  • Corpus (dance troupe), a Canadian dance troupe
  • Corpus (typography), another name for long primer-size type
  • Corpus, the figure of Christ on a crucifix
  • Corpus, the colloquial term mostly used for Corpus Christi, Texas
  • Corpus fund, the capital generated for the continued sustenance of an organization
  • Corpus, total amount of money invested by all investors in a mutual fund scheme
  • The Corpus, a faction in the online game Warframe, organized as a cult that worships profit
  • CORPUS, a dissident Catholic organisation

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