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Corythus is the name of six mortal men in Greek mythology.

  • Corythus, son of Paris and Oenone. After Paris abandoned Oenone, she sent the boy, now grown, to Troy, where he fell in love with Helen, and she received him warmly. Paris, discovering this, killed him, not recognizing his own son. Corythus was also said to have been, instead, the son of Helen and Paris.[1]
  • Corythus, an Iberian, beloved of Heracles. Was said to have been the first to devise a helmet (Greek korys, gen. korythos), which took its name from him.[2]
  • Corythus, one of the Lapiths. Only a youth, he was killed nonetheless by Rhoetus, one of the Centaurs.[3]
  • Corythus, an Italian king and father, in some sources, of Iasion, by Electra.[4]
  • Corythus, one of the Doliones. He was killed by Tydeus.[5]
  • Corythus, son of Marmarus, and one of the court of Cepheus. He wounded Pelates during the battle at the wedding feast of Perseus and Andromeda.[6]
  • Corythus, a king who raised Telephus, son of Heracles and Auge, as his own son.[7]


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