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Founder(s)Anton Gladkoborodov, Igor Gladkoborodov, Mikhail Tabunov

Coub is a video sharing website available on both iOS and Android. It allows users to create and share looping videos up to ten seconds long, using existing video from YouTube, Vimeo, or their own files.[1][2] Founded in 2012 by brothers Anton and Igor Gladkoborodov, the company is based in New York City, United States.


Coub was founded in 2012 by Anton and Igor Gladkoborodov and developer Mikhail Tabunov.[3][4] The name "Coub" comes from Cobb, the protagonist of the film Inception.[5] In June 2013, Coub raised $1 million in additional funding from venture capital firms Brothers Ventures and Phenomen Ventures, and announced plans to open a U.S. office.[6] The iOS app was launched in December 2013 and included the ability to record and upload a "coub" directly from an iPhone camera, as well as filters similar to those on Instagram.[7] As of April 2014, over 400,000 videos, or "coubs" have been created.[8] In July 2014 Coub raised $2.5 million from Vaizra Investments, a fund founded by Lev Leviev and Vyacheslav Mirilashvili, the founders of, Russia's major Facebook competitor.[9][10]


Using Coub's web-based editor, users can extract a snippet up to 10 seconds long from a video already hosted on YouTube or Vimeo, or one that they've uploaded, and add a full-length audio track to play along with the clip.[5][11] The video can be set to reverse.

Each user has a "feed" consisting of "coubs" created and "recoubed" by that user.

"Coubs" can be shared on social media and embedded via[12][13]

Coub had more than 50 million unique visitors per each month.[14]


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