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CU Coventry
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CU Coventry is a subsidiary of Coventry University. It has been in operation since its launch in 2012, and was formerly known as Coventry University College.[1][2] Its campus is located in the city of Coventry, England.

It is part of CU, a network of three higher education campuses, comprising CU Coventry, CU London and CU Scarborough, all part of the Coventry University Group.


Coventry University College was founded in 2012 as a subsidiary of Coventry University, taking on its new name CU Coventry in 2017. The institution is labelled as a "no frills[3]", alternative to traditional higher education. Students that graduate with a degree receive it from Coventry University, since they are recognised by the UK government as the awarding body. It has expanded over time, launching a new range of short courses called Connect to help people access university,[4] and also hosting community events.[5]

Higher Education courses[edit]

Access to Higher Education courses[6] are offered, designed to help students access higher education without traditional qualifications:

  • Business Studies
  • Engineering
  • Health & Human Sciences
  • Social Sciences


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