Coweta County School System

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Coweta County School District
237 Jackson Street


United States
Coordinates33°22′42″N 84°47′59″W / 33.378414°N 84.799773°W / 33.378414; -84.799773Coordinates: 33°22′42″N 84°47′59″W / 33.378414°N 84.799773°W / 33.378414; -84.799773[1]
SuperintendentSteve Barker
GradesPre-school - 12
AccreditationsSouthern Association of Colleges and Schools
Georgia Accrediting Commission
Telephone(770) 254-2800

The Coweta County School System (CCSS) is the primary education system in Coweta County, Georgia, United States. Its headquarters are an antebellum building on Jackson Street (US 29) at Sprayberry Road in Newnan, Georgia. Coweta County is the 9th-fastest-growing county in Georgia and the 26th-fastest-growing in the country. The CCSS has grown from 9,210 students in 1984 to over 22,000 students in 2007.[3]


The CCSS operates eighteen elementary schools, six middle schools and three high schools, serving an area of 431 square miles (1,120 km2) with approximately 22,000 students and 1,200 teachers.[3][4]

Elementary schools[edit]

  • Arbor Springs Elementary
  • Arnco-Sargent Elementary
  • Atkinson Elementary
  • Brooks Elementary
  • Canongate Elementary
  • Eastside Elementary
  • Elm Street Elementary
  • Grantville Elementary
  • Jefferson Parkway Elementary
  • Moreland Elementary
  • Newnan Crossing Elementary
  • Northside Elementary
  • Poplar Road Elementary
  • Ruth Hill Elementary
  • Thomas Crossroads Elementary
  • Western Elementary
  • Welch Elementary
  • White Oak Elementary
  • Willis Road Elementary

Middle schools[edit]

High schools[edit]

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