Chronicle of a Boy Alone

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Crónica de un niño solo
Crónica de un niño solo.jpg
scene from film
Directed by Leonardo Favio
Produced by Luis DeStefano
Written by Leonardo Favio
Zuhair Jury
Starring Diego Puente
Cinematography Ignacio Souto
Edited by Gerardo Rinaldi
Antonio Ripoll
Release date
5 May 1965
Running time
79 min
Country Argentina
Language Spanish

Chronicle of a Boy Alone (Spanish: Crónica de un niño solo), also known as Chronicle of a Lonely Child, is a 1965 Argentine film directed by Leonardo Favio. It won the Silver Condor Award for Best Film.


Polin is an eleven-year-old troublemaker in reform school for unknown reasons. After suffering from harsh treatment at the hands of the staff there, Polin finally reaches a breaking point and snaps, punching one of the supervisors in the face. He is then sent to the police station where he is locked up in a cell and left alone. Polin soon breaks out and travels back to his hometown, a rural fishing village, where he meets up with his best friend and falls back into his old routine—smoking, pickpocketing, shoplifting, skinny dipping with his friends and picking fights with the neighborhood bullies—all the while trying to avoid a run-in with the law, which he knows is inevitable.




While on the surface a film about children, at the time of its release in 1965 the film was viewed by many as a critique on Argentina's fascist regime. In addition to this, the film's brutal and realistic depiction of Argentina's state-run orphanages at the time caused a great deal of controversy.

The film also contains a controversial scene containing extensive, explicit nudity involving several young Argentine boys skinny dipping.

This controversy led the Argentine Government to ban the film shortly after its release. The film remained banned for over thirty years.


In 1996, over three decades after being banned, the film was finally released on VHS by Award Films International, and later on DVD.

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