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Scientific classification
Kingdom: Fungi
Division: Ascomycota
Class: Dothideomycetes
Subclass: Pleosporomycetidae
Order: Pleosporales
Family: Pleosporaceae
Genus: Crivellia
Shoemaker & Inderbitzin
Type species
Crivellia papaveracea
(De Not.) Shoemaker & Inderb.

1863 Cucurbitaria papaveracea De Not.
1883 Pleospora papaveracea (De Not.) Sacc.
1917 Helminthosporium papaveris Sawada
1950 Dendryphion penicillatum var. sclerotiale Meffert
1959 Dendryphion papaveris (Sawada) Sawada
2006 Brachycladium papaveris (Sawada) Shoemaker & Inderb.

Crivellia is a genus of fungi in the family Pleosporaceae.[2] It is a monotypic genus, containing the single species Crivellia papaveracea, which causes leaf blight of opium poppy. The fungus is found in Europe, Australia, India, Japan, Nepal, Pakistan, South Africa, Turkey, USA and Zambia.[1]


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