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CronLab Ltd.
Industry Telecommunications, IT
Founded Gothenburg, Sweden (2009 (2009))
Headquarters London, United Kingdom
Products Web Filter – Hosted

CronLab Limited is a privately held limited company which provides information security web filtering software solutions to businesses and consumers either directly or via integration into third party products.

CronLab has offices in London, United Kingdom and Gothenburg, Sweden.


CronLab, founded in Gothenburg, Sweden, introduced its first Anti-Spam Hardware Appliances in 2009. The appliances have received positive reviews from industry media such as PC Pro,[1] CRN Magazine,[2] and SC Magazine,[3] which cited the systems for their ease of use and quick set up, and tested the email filtering technology as 99% accurate.

In 2010 the company moved its headquarters to London, United Kingdom. It has also released software as a service hosted models of the spam filtering technology[4] awarded a recommendation by Techworld,[5] and hosted email archiving solutions.[6]

CIDE Group, a toy manufacturer, partnered with CronLab on development of a children's tablet computer. The tablet, called "Kurio", features CronLab's hosted web-filtering and parental controls technology.[7]

CronLab has agreements for distribution in France, Belgium, Switzerland,[8] Germany,[9] Norway,[10] Bulgaria, Moldova, Romania,[11] Ireland and the United Kingdom.[12]

The company’s security products aim to protect against email and web threats such as spam, spyware, trojans and viruses, and they also provide an email archiving solution.[13] CronLab’s products support multi-tenancy and are marketed to ISPs, MSPs and IT consultants. Their products can all also be white labelled.[14]


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