CrossBones (film)

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CrossBones-(2005)-picture-MOV 770910a5 b.jpg
Directed by Daniel Zirilli
Produced by Daniel Zirilli
Ann Luster
Melissa Strickland
Written by Daniel Zirilli
D. Glase Lomond
Starring Joseph Marino
Mayra Soto
Hardy-Ames Hill
Jessie Camacho
Music by Nick Rivera
Cinematography Neal Fredericks
Edited by Roger Cohen
Pan Productions
Pop Art Film Factory
Distributed by Lions Gate Films
Release date
  • August 30, 2005 (2005-08-30)
Running time
88 minutes
Country United States
Language English

CrossBones is a 2005 American horror film about the curse of a deadly pirate being unleashed upon reality television contestants. The film is directed by Daniel Zirilli who also co-wrote and co-produced it.

Plot summary[edit]

A group of people decide to be a part of a reality television show based around a treasure hunt on an island. Whichever contestant is lucky wins the ultimate prize. Unbeknownst to the contestants, an ancient curse from the ghostly pirate Blackbeard exists on the island. They unwittingly unleash the curse which results in a bloodbath.

Partial cast[edit]

  • Joseph Marino as Blackbeard
  • Mayra Soto as Serena
  • Hardy-Ames Hill as Tony
  • Jessie Camacho as Audra
  • Joe Jones as Martin
  • J. Shin as Greedy G.
  • Merlynne Williams as Melissa
  • Kevin Hawke as Scott
  • Kristin Ellich as Tris
  • John Sanzari as Gus

DVD release[edit]

The DVD was released in Full Frame format with Dolby Digital 5.1 Surround and Dolby Digital 2.0 Surround audio formats for English viewing. There are English and Spanish subtitles. The special features are a photo gallery, a behind the scenes documentary, trailers for other Lion's Gate releases, and a commentary track.[1]


Mitchell Hattaway of DVD Verdict wrote a negative review that was concluded with "Bottom line: Cross Bones blows".[1] Jon Condit of Dread Central said that the film seems to be a mix of the worst pirate films ever made, but stated that "one must admire the filmmaker's faith and exuberance in his project".[2] J. Read of Monsters At Play said that the film started out well enough, but turned into a clichéd film.[3]


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