Crossfade (The Remix Album)

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Crossfade (The Remix Album)
Crossfade (The Remix Album).jpg
Studio album by Arash
Released 2006
Recorded 2006
Genre Persian pop, hip hop, R&B, dance music, house
Length 67:36
Label Warner Music Scandinavia (WEA)
Arash chronology
Crossfade (The Remix Album)

Crossfade (The Remix Album) is the first remix album by Swedish pop singer of Iranian origin Arash. It was released in 2006.[1][2]

The album peaked at number 24 on the Polish Albums Chart.[3] Next to sixteen song remixes of his debut album Arash, it features one new and previously unreleased song, called "Iran Iran", which was produced by DJ Aligator and served as the albums only single release.

Track listing[edit]

  1. "Iran, Iran" (feat. DJ Aligator)
  2. "Arash" (Mintman's Reggaton Remix) (feat. Helena)
  3. "Tike tike kardi" (DJ Aligator & CS Jay Club Version)
  4. "Temptation" (CMN Remix) (feat. Rebecca)
  5. "Man o to" (New Version) (feat. Lucia)
  6. "Boro, Boro" (Payami Funky Sunday Remix)
  7. "Vostochniye skazki" (Russian Version) (Remake of "Temptation") (feat. Blestyashchie)
  8. "Arash" (English Version) (feat. Helena)
  9. "Tike tike kardi" (Balkan Fanatics Remix)
  10. "Baskon" (Farsi No Rap Version)
  11. "Ey yar bego" (New Version) (feat. Ebi)
  12. "Boro, Boro" (Saba Rock Remix)
  13. "Arash" (Payami Vocal Club Mix) (feat. Helena)
  14. "Tike tike kardi" (Sodaclub Remix)
  15. "Temptation" (Payami Club Mix) (feat. Rebecca)
  16. "Boro, Boro" (Indian Version) (feat. Aneela)
  17. "Baskon" (Russian Version) (feat. Timbuktu)