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Industry Design
Founded May, 2007
Headquarters Chicago, Illinois, USA
Area served
Key people
Ross Kimbarovsky, Co-Founder; Mike Samson, Co-Founder
Products Custom Logo Design, Website Design, Illustration, Marketing Materials, Industrial Design, Copywriting
Number of employees

Crowdspring (written "crowdSPRING") is an online marketplace for crowdsourced creative services.[1] Entrepreneurs, small businesses, startups, big Brands and agencies who need a custom logo design, website design, other graphic design, industrial design or copywriting post what they need, when they need it and how much they'll pay.[2] Once posted, creatives from around the world (over 100,000 from 200 countries) submit actual work. Buyers choose from among actual work (currently an average of more than 110 entries per project), not bids and proposals.[3]

Crowdspring was co-founded in May 2007 by Ross Kimbarovsky and Michael Samson. Crowdspring launched its online marketplace publicly in May 2008. Crowdspring is based in Chicago.[4][5][6][7][8][9]

More than 100,000 graphic designers and writers from 200 countries work on Crowdspring.[10] Unlike traditional marketplaces, where buyers select from among bids and proposals, Crowdspring uses an innovative business model - buyers select from among actual designs to the buyer's specification, submitted by multiple designers. Buyers average more than 110 designs per project.[11]

Crowdspring handles full project management, file transfer, payment, legal contracts, and communication (public and private). Designers can create profiles and create portfolios on the site. The Crowdspring marketplace offers comprehensive feedback, statistics, ratings, and community forums. Crowdspring offers all buyers a money back guarantee [12][13]


Crowdspring maintains a blog which was launched in mid-2008.[14]


When it launched publicly in mid-2008, the company and its business model received some criticism because Crowdspring's marketplace works on a speculative model and challenges traditional ways of buying and selling graphic design, industrial design, and copywriting services. This is the process of asking professionals to complete custom work for the chance of getting payment.[15] Crowdspring embraced and actively participates in the debate about its spec work business model.[16][17]


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