Crush Pinball

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Crush Pinball
Genres pinball
Developers Compile
Publishers Naxat Soft, Hudson
Platforms PC Engine, SNES, SMD, Wiiware
Year of inception 1988
First release Alien Crush
1988 (1988)

Crush Pinball is a series of pinball video games developed by Compile and distributed by Naxat Soft and later Hudson Soft. A common theme amongst all installments in the series that sets them apart from other pinball games is the presence of sci-fi, fantasy or occult themes.

The series started in 1988 when Alien Crush was released[1] for the Turbografx-16, which featured a sci-fi atmosphere reminiscent of the film Alien. It was then followed 2 years later by Devil's Crush, also for the Turbografx-16 which featured an occult theme with skulls, skeletons, and demons. A third game was later developed for the Super Famicom called Jaki Crush that contained a Japanese demon/ogre mythology theme, although the game was never released outside Japan. The series was revived in 2008 when Hudson Soft published a sequel/remake to Alien Crush called Alien Crush Returns for WiiWare.

While Jaki Crush became largely obscure, Alien Crush and Devil's Crush were well received and have both been re-released on the Virtual Console.



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