Cry of the Justice Bird

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Cry of the Justice Bird
First edition cover
Author Jon Haylett
Cover artist Chris Gooch - Bene Imprimatur Ltd
Country United Kingdom
Language English
Genre Novel
Publisher PaperBooks
Publication date
Pages 344
ISBN 978-0-9551094-8-5
OCLC 155690819

Cry of the Justice Bird is the 2007 novel written by Jon Haylett. It is an action/adventure thriller based in the fictional African state of Boromundi.

Plot summary[edit]

In an Africa ravaged by civil war, two women are pulled from a minibus, and are raped and mutilated. Armstrong MacKay, one of the dead women’s lover, enters the country to bring her body home. During the festivities of her African wake, Mackay finds out the truth behind her violent death from the other woman’s husband. Faced with Africa’s weaken government and the ineffective Boromundi legal system, the two men decide to take justice in their own hands and seek out the murders for themselves. Kisasi, the Justice Bird, cries out as the men set out to execute the killers.