Crypt of the Wizard

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Crypt of the Wizard
Crypt of the Wizard.jpg
Studio album by Mortiis
Released 1996
Recorded Silverstone Studio, Fredrikstad, Norway, '95-'96
Genre Dark ambient
Label Dark Dungeon Music
Earache Records
Producer Håvard Ellefsen
Mortiis chronology
Keiser Av En Dimensjon Ukjent Crypt of the Wizard The Stargate

Crypt of the Wizard is a compilation album by Norwegian solo artist Mortiis, released in 1996.

Recorded in Norway, it was initially a series of 5 12" EP singles, with the EPs press run consisting of 1,000 copies.


Mortiis in 2005.

Recording began in January 1996 at Silver Dragoon Studio, Norway,

Track listing[edit]

  • All Songs Written & Arranged By Mortiis.
  1. "Ferden og Kallet (The Journey & The Call)" - 5:50
  2. "Da Vi Bygde Tårnet (When We Raised the Tower)" - 8:02
  3. "Under Tårnets Skygge (Underneath the Shadow of the Tower)" - 5:49
  4. "En Sirkel av Kosmisk Kaos (A Circle of Cosmic Chaos)" - 7:31
  5. "Vandrerens Sang (The Song of the Wanderer)" - 8:00
  6. "Den Bortdrevne Regnbuen (The Banished Rainbow)" - 5:40
  7. "Trollmannens Krypt (The Crypt of the Wizard)" - 6:10
  8. "Stjernefødt (Starborn)" - 4:54
  9. "I Mørket Drømmende (In the Darkness Dreaming)" - 5:58
  10. "Fanget i Krystal (Captured in Crystal)" - 3:37


  • Mortiis: Vocals, All Instruments


  • Arranged, Produced, Recorded, Engineered, Mixed & Mastered By Mortiis.
  • Layout by Dennis Ironmountain.


  • Released by Dark Dungeon Music in 1997 as a compilation album on LP and CD.
  • Earache Records issued the CD with new cover artwork on 1 November 1999.
  • Earache Records reissued the CD as part of a 3-CD set, along with Født til å Herske and The Stargate. Remastered by Mortiis and repackaged in a deluxe embossed slipcase, it included liner notes by Tommy Udo and featured the original artwork from the LP.

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