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Crystal Lacey Winslow is an American author and book publisher. She is the founder of Melodrama Publishing, an American independent publishing house based in East Patchogue, New York that specializes in urban fiction novels geared toward women. Raised in Brooklyn, she worked as a legal assistant before founding her company in 2001, when she was about 21 years old,[1] following the success of her novel Life, Love & Loneliness. She opened a bookstore in Far Rockaway, Queens in 2003.[2][3]

In 2004, Melodrama Publishing released Wifey by Kiki Swinson, Melodrama's first signed author. Wifey sold more than 100,000 copies,[3] and has followed with four sequels. As of May 2013, Melodrama has released over 40 titles. Authors include Erica Hilton, Nisa Santiago, Kim K., Crystal Lacey Winslow, and Kiki Swinson.


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