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The concert platform

The Crystal Palace Park Concert Platform, located in Crystal Palace, London, is an outdoor stage. The platform is located in Crystal Palace Park, in the London Borough of Bromley, and the first performance took place there in August 1997.[1] It is known locally as the "rusty laptop".[2][3]

It was designed by Ian Ritchie Architects, and nominated for the RIBA's Stirling Prize award in 1998. The project received the 'Excellence in Design' award from the American Institute of Architects.

The platform and stage are positioned within a small lake overlooking a large bowl in the landscape that is capable of holding 8,000 people. Concerts take place throughout the summer and the platform has (supposedly) the world’s first computer controlled outdoor active acoustic system. The platform contains a total of 46 speakers; 2 columns either side of the platform contain more speakers plus the amplification system.[4]

The platform has not been used for several years and has fallen into disrepair: it is now covered in graffiti and the lake is full of algae. As at March 2018, The London Borough of Bromley were "exploring potential new uses"[5], but its future is still unknown.


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