Cuchilla de Caraguatá

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The Cuchilla de Caraguatá is a range of hills in Uruguay.


It is situated in Uruguay's largest department, Tacuarembó Department, in the north of the country.


The range of hills gives its name to a village formerly known as Cuchilla de Caraguatá.

The word 'Caraguatá' originally referred to a local plant.

A nearby river is named the Caraguatá River.

Featured in literature[edit]

'Caraguatá' is featured in the poetry of a local writer, Circe Maia.[1] Maia has written a series of poems entitled 'Poemas de Caraguatá', containing reflections to which local topography, flora and fauna have given rise.

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Coordinates: 32°23′20″S 55°2′37″W / 32.38889°S 55.04361°W / -32.38889; -55.04361