Culatra Island

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Cabo de Santa Maria Lighthouse in Culatra Island
Ilha da Armona (right) and Ilha da Culatra (left)

Culatra Island is an island in the Algarve, Portugal. It is divided into three parts: Farol, Hângares and Culatra.

Geography & Layout[edit]

The island is a short distant east from the Algarve capital of Faro and the island is 6 kilometres (3.7 miles) in length and 100 to 900 metres (330 to 2,950 feet) width, with no roads or vehicles, but interlaced with wooden walkways. There are about 1,000 inhabitants on the island year round.

Reaching here by Ferry from a pier at the eastern end of the Olhão and Faro seafront and takes about an hour to travel the mi due to sandbanks and fishing nets.[1] A timetable is displayed at the ticket office there.

The island has an extensive beach on its ocean side. On the lagoon side is the anchorage for yachts and boats as it is also the start for channels to Olhão and Faro.[2]


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Coordinates: 36°59′17″N 7°50′17″W / 36.988°N 7.838°W / 36.988; -7.838