Cult of the Dead

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Cult of the Dead
Legion of the Damned - Cult of the Dead.jpg
Studio album by
Released19 December 2008 (2008-12-19)
RecordedStage One Studios in Germany, 11 September – 3 October
GenreThrash metal, death metal
ProducerAndy Classen
Legion of the Damned chronology
Feel the Blade
Cult of the Dead
Descent Into Chaos
Alternative cover
Variant digipak packing
Variant digipak packing

Cult of the Dead is a 2008 album by thrash metal/death metal band Legion of the Damned. In common with previous albums, the lyrics heavily reference the dark side of the occult. The special edition comes with an item unique in metal merchandising (And possibly all genres of music), being a cheese block, emblazoned with their logo. This is a nod to the band's Dutch origins. The digipak version of the album features an alternative cover and comes with a DVD. The DVD has the same track listing as the CD, but then being played in their rehearsal place.

Track listing[edit]

  1. "Sermon of Sacrilege (Intro)" – 1:14
  2. "Pray & Suffer" – 4:14
  3. "Black Templar" – 3:20
  4. "House of Possession" – 3:49
  5. "Black Wings of Yog-Sothoth" – 2:54
  6. "Cult of the Dead" – 4:17
  7. "Necrosophic Blessing" – 3:45
  8. "Enslaver of Souls" – 4:06
  9. "Solar Overlord" – 3:30
  10. "Lucifer Saviour" – 3:41
  11. "The Final Godsend" – 6:46

Song title issue[edit]

As a result of the album being leaked over the internet, 7 songs have been named incorrectly and people seem to know those songs by the wrong names (actually the songs behind the titles have been mixed up, the order of the titles is correct). Note the track duration (real duration) in the list below and compare it with the songs' durations on an original album. Also, it is pretty obvious if you compare the lyrics. Please note that the list below might not be 100% correct.

Title real duration confused with
Pray & Suffer 4:14 Black Templar (3:20)
Black Templar 3:19 Necrosophic Blessing (3:45)
Black Wings of Yog-Sothoth 2:54 Lucifer Saviour (3:41)
Cult of the Dead 4:17 Pray & Suffer (4:14)
Necrosophic Blessing 3:45 Cult of the Dead (4:17)
Solar Overlord 3:30 Black Wings of Yog-Sothoth (2:54)
Lucifer Saviour 3:41 Solar Overlord (3:30)


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