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Andy Classen is a German record producer, sound engineer and musician.

Holy Moses[edit]

He began his career in 1980 as a guitarist for the German thrash metal band Holy Moses, fronted by his ex-wife Sabina Classen. In 1989 the band bought a house in the village of Borgentreich-Bühne in the vicinity of Warburg, North Rhine-Westphalia. In 1990 they founded a record label named 'West Virginia Records' and opened the Stage-One-Studio in their new house (so named because "Bühne" is German for "stage").

He remained lead guitarist in Holy Moses till 1994. Creative differences that had arisen during the production of the Holy Moses album No Matter What's the Cause (1994) with bassist Dan Lilker and Ryker's drummer Meff lead to Andy Classen leaving the band. Ultimately he and Sabina divorced, and West Virginia Records was dissolved.

Holy Moses was inactive till 2001 when it was revived by Sabina Classen, with Andy Classen acting as occasional songwriter and producer. In 2005 Holy Moses recorded the album Strength Power Will Passion the first without Andy Classen's involvement.


Andy Classen became producer and engineer in Stage-One-Studio in 1990. Among his first productions were the albums When War Begins... by the German thrashcore band Warpath and Mc Gillroy the Housefly by the German psychedelic death metal band Incubator, both of which were critically acclaimed, with the latter still having a cult following in the death metal underground. He also became influential in the German hardcore punk scene, being the producer for bands like Ryker's and Brightside.

In 1994 he took over the studio completely and produced for other labels like Nuclear Blast, Century Media Records, Gun Records, Metal Blade Records, AFM Records, Massacre Records, Season of Mist, Armageddon Music etc.

During the nineties Andy Classen established himself as one of the premier producers for hardcore, thrash metal and death metal music in Europe. His sound aesthetics usually are described as aggressive and powerful, yet transparent. Among others he produced records for the bands Dew-Scented, Tankard, Disbelief, President Evil (all from Germany), Asphyx (Netherlands), Legen Beltza (Basque Country), The Old Dead Tree (France), Graveworm (Italy) and Deafness by Noise (Croatia).

From the year 2000, he has found increasing recognition for his work in the international scene, with bands like Rotting Christ from Greece, Criminal from Chile/Great Britain, Dark Embrace from Spain, Krisiun from Brazil as well as Mantic Ritual and Solace of Requiem from the USA recording with him.

Richthofen and Seelenwalzer[edit]

In 1997 Andy Classen was founding member, songwriter, producer and guitarist with the German Neue Deutsche Härte industrial metal band Richthofen. After objections by the Richthofen family the band was legally required to drop the name and Richthofen disbanded in 1999.

In 2019 Classen and musicians of the original Richthofen band founded the band Seelenwalzer referencing the name of Richthofens first album. The debut album Totgeglaubt – German for "believed dead" – is being published with Massacre Records in May 2019.


In 2003, Die Apokalyptischen Reiter's Have a Nice Trip was the first album produced by Andy Classen to enter the charts, reaching number 95 in Germany.[1]

Since 2007, Legion of the Damned from the Netherlands have been able to chart regularly with Andy Classen-produced albums in Germany.[2] Sons of the Jackal reached number 54 and in the following year, 2008, they even charted twice, reaching number 70 with Feel The Blade (and number 64 in Austria[3]) and number 60 with Cult of the Dead.

Austrians Belphegor also charted in 2008 (with Bondage Goat Zombie) and 2009 (with Walpurgis Rites – Hexenwahn), reaching number 99 and 81 in Germany[4] and even number 42 and 60 in Austria.[5]


Year Artist Album Recordedcripp Mixed Mastered
1990 Howlin' Mad Insanity
1991 Holy Moses Terminal Terror
1991 Incubator Symphonies of Spiritual Cannibalism
1991 Jumpin' Jesus The Art of Crucifying
1992 Deathrow Life Beyond
1992 Holy Moses Reborn Dogs
1992 Holy Moses Too Drunk to Fuck
1992 Incubator McGillroy the Housefly
1992 Obscenity Suffocated Truth
1992 Polluted Inheritance Ecocide
1993 Incubator Hirnnektar
1993 Warpath Massive
1993 Warpath When War Begins... Truth Disappears
1994 Asphyx Asphyx
1994 Brightside Face the Truth
1994 Holy Moses No Matter What's the Cause
1994 Ryker's Brother Against Brother
1994 Warpath Against Everyone
1995 Approach to Concrete ...failures?
1995 Belphegor The Last Supper
1995 Brightside Punchline
1995 Lunar Lunar
1995 Ryker's First Blood
1995 Sanctimonium Pathetique: The Beryllian Throne
1995 Sleeping Gods Above and Beyond
1996 Brightside No Policy
1996 Crack Up Blood is Life
1996 Croon Just
1996 Rotting Christ Triarchy of the Lost Lovers
1996 Ryker's Ground Zero
1996 Ryker's Low Life EP
1996 Shit for Brains Vortex Cordis
1997 Burden of Grief Haunting Requiems
1997 Burden of Grief Above Twilight Wings
1997 Crack Up From the Ground
1997 Disbelief Disbelief
1997 Mis.Divine Angsttriaden
1997 Nagelfar Hünengrab im Herbst
1997 Richthofen Seelenwalzer
1997 Ryker's A Lesson In Loyalty
1997 Ryker's Cold Lost Sick EP
1997 Surface To Millenium... and Beyond
1998 Brightside Bulletproof
1998 Crack Up Heads Will Roll
1998 Disbelief Infected
1998 Drecksau Brecher
1998 Eisregen Krebskolonie
1998 Nagelfar Srontgorrth
1998 Niederschlag Scrotum
1998 Waylander Reawakening Pride Once Lost
1999 Drecksau Schmerz
1999 Kadath Cruel!
1999 Path of Debris The Eyes of the Basilisk
1999 Ryker's Life is a Gamble
1999 Suidakra Lays From Afar
1999 Temple of the Absurd Mother, Creator, God
1999 Zonata Tunes of Steel
2000 Anfall Feuer, Eis & Energie
2000 Blue Valentine Seelen Taetowierung
2000 Crack Up Dead End Run
2000 Die Apokalyptischen Reiter All You Need Is Love
2000 Dogma IVS Dunkelheit und Licht
2000 Final Breath Flash Burnt Crucifixes
2000 Krisiun Conquerors of Armageddon
2000 Mindfield Deviant
2000 Ryker's From the Cradle to the Grave
2000 Suidakra The Arcanum
2001 Brightside True Force
2001 Burden of Grief On Darker Trails
2001 Callenish Circle My Passion // Your Pain
2001 Dark at Dawn Crimson Frost
2001 Disbelief Worst Enemy
2001 Holy Moses Master of Disaster
2001 Nagelfar Virus West
2001 Rebaelliun Annihilation
2001 Semen Datura This Love is Dead
2001 Sleeping Gods Regenerated
2002 Dark Age The Silent Republic
2002 Dew Scented Inwards
2002 Final Breath Mind Explosion
2002 Holy Moses Disorder of the Order
2002 Mourning Caress Imbalance
2002 Rotting Christ Genesis
2002 Suidakra Emprise to Avalon
2002 Tankard B-Day
2003 Callenish Circle Flesh Power Dominion
2003 Dew Scented Ill-Natured & Innoscent
2003 Dew Scented Impact
2003 Die Apokalyptischen Reiter Have a Nice Trip
2003 Disbelief Spreading the Rage
2003 Graveworm Engraved In Black
2003 Mindfield Below
2003 Suidakra Signs for the Fallen
2003 The Old Dead Tree The Nameless Disease
2003 Vollrausch Wirkstoff: Adrenalin
2004 Blow Job Unboned
2004 Dementor God Defamer
2004 Dies Ater Out of the Dark
2004 Final Breath Let Me Be Your Tank
2004 Occult Elegy for the Weak
2004 Path of Golconda Destination: Downfall
2004 Reckless Tide Repent Or Seal Your Fate
2004 Tankard Beast of Bourbon
2005 Criminal Sicaro
2005 Dew Scented Issue VI
2005 Graveworm (N)utopia
2005 Legion of the Damned Malevolent Rapture
2005 Neaera The Rising Tide of Oblivion
2005 President Evil Evil Goes to Hollywood
2005 Sencirow Perception of Fear
2005 Spellbound Incoming Destiny
2005 The Old Dead Tree The Perpetual Motion
2006 Belphegor Pestapokalypse VI
2006 Clobberin Time The Dawn of a Dying Race
2006 Death Will Score From the Ashes
2006 Dos Dias De Sangre Bound By Honor / Mini CD
2006 Drone Head-On Collision
2006 Edgecrusher Forever Failure
2006 Krisiun AssassiNation
2006 My Darkest Hate Combat Area
2006 Path of Golconda The Threshold Diaries
2006 President Evil The Trash'n'Roll Asshole Show
2006 Shorts & Churchbells Reason to Complain
2006 Sinister Afterburner
2006 Sniper Seducer of Human Souls
2006 Tankard The Beauty and the Beer
2007 Ancient Existence Hate is the Law
2007 Cripper Freak Inside
2007 Dark Embrace The Rebirth of Darkness
2007 Dies Ater Odiums Spring
2007 Graveworm Collateral Defect
2007 Inzest Grotesque New World
2007 Legion of the Damned Sons of the Jackal
2007 Nine XI The Opening
2007 Requiem Premier Killing League
2007 Revolting Breed Rise Against
2007 Solace of Requiem Utopia Reborn
2007 Spellbound Nemesis 2665
2007 Tankard Best Case Scenario: 25 Years in Beers
2007 The Old Dead Tree The Water Fields
2007 Tough Motion Delta
2008 Aavas Sepulcretum
2008 Belphegor Bondage Goat Zombie
2008 Daksinroy Dystopia
2008 Davidian Hear Their Cries
2008 Grave Desecrator Sign of Doom
2008 Hatred Madhouse Symphonies
2008 Krisiun Southern Storm
2008 Legion of the Damned Cult of the Dead
2008 Legion of the Damned Feel The Blade
2008 Mindead Abandon All Hope
2008 Morpheus Extermination of the Dominant Species
2008 Postmortem Constant Hate
2008 President Evil Hell in a Box
2008 Prostitute Disfigurement Descendants of Depravity
2008 Sencirow The Nightmare Within
2008 Sniper Your World is Doomed
2008 Subterfuge Carver Deathcore
2008 Thytopia Bleeding Earth
2009 Archgoat The Light-Devouring Darkness
2009 Arckanum 11 Thorns
2009 Belphegor Walpurgis Rites – Hexenwahn
2009 Cryptic Wintermoon Fear
2009 Damned Creed Enslaved Thoughts
2009 Distorted Impalement Bodyslam
2009 Graveworm Diabolical Figures
2009 Hyades The Roots of Trash
2009 Insanity Reigns Supreme Occultus Insanus Damnatus
2009 Maithungh Lust in the Kingdom of God
2009 Mantic Ritual Executioner
2009 Mastic Scum Dust
2009 Misticia Sickness of the Earth
2009 Mor Dagor Mk. IV
2009 Pandemia Feet of Anger
2009 Path of Golconda Return
2009 Punish Raptus
2009 Requiem Infiltrate... Obliterate... Dominate...
2009 Shadows Far As Black Turns Red
2008 Tankard Thirst
2009 VeiL Blinkers Define the Spasm
2010 Deafness by Noise Aim to Please
2010 Debt of Nature Crush, Kill and Burn
2010 Disbelief Heal
2010 Legen Beltza Need to Suffer
2010 Malignant Tumour Earthshaker
2010 Neaera Forging the Eclipse
2010 Obszoen Geschoepf Symphony of Decay
2010 Odium Stop My Anger
2010 Punish My Heaven First Punishment
2010 Refugium Unknown
2010 Sentimentalistic Bitches Down Below
2010 Singstars of Death The Pink Album
2010 Solace of Requiem The Great Awakening
2010 Spheron To Dissect Paper
2010 Unholy Ritual Finis Origine Pendet
2010 Varg Blutaar
2011 Desecrated Sphere The Unmasking Reality
2011 Kaerbholz 100 Prozent
2011 Requiem Within Darkened Disorder
2011 Varg Wolfskult
2011 Brainscan Breaking Down Your Mind
2011 Krisiun The Great Execution
2011 Theodicy Diary of War
2011 Transnight The Dark Half
2012 Seven Ends To the Worms
2012 Taina Illusion
2012 Algebra Polymorph
2013 Malignant Tumour Overdose & Overdrive
2013 Violator "Scenarios of Brutality"
2014 Ryker's Hard To The Core
2015 Hyades The Wolves Are Getting Hungry
2016 Malignant Tumor "The Mentalist"
2017 Corporal Jigsore "Unleashing the Pestilence"
2017 Ritual Decay "Devila Grantha"
2018 Krisiun "Scourge of the Enthrones"
2019 Legion of the Damned "Slaves of the Shadow Realm"
2019 Seelenwalzer "Totgeglaubt"


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