Sentry (Curtis Elkins)

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Sentry by Greg Luzniak and Scott Koblish, artists
Publication information
Publisher Marvel Comics
First appearance Venom: Lethal Protector #2 (March, 1993)
Created by David Michelinie
Mark Bagley
In-story information
Alter ego Curtis Elkins
Team affiliations The Jury
The Vault
Abilities No superhuman powers, body-armor, jet-boots, repulsor gun

Sentry (real name Curtis Elkins) is a member of The Jury in the fictional Marvel comic universe. His rank is commanding officer. His ethnicity is African-American.

Fictional character biography[edit]

Curtis Elkins was a Guardsman at the Vault a prison for super powered criminals. While there Curtis befriended Hugh Taylor, a new guardsman fresh out of the army. Curtis left the Vault sometime after Hugh was murdered by Venom during an escape.[volume & issue needed]

After that Curtis and a few of his fellow Guardsmen joined The Jury, an agency organized by General Orwell Taylor. Their purpose was to track down and destroy Venom for his part in killing Hugh Taylor, Orwell's eldest son. To that end many of them were armed with sonic and fire generating weapons which the alien symbiote was vulnerable to. After Orwell was arrested for his part in the Arachnis Project, the Jury was reformed by his younger son Maxwell to fit the principles of civil rights and the legal court system. It was in fact a change done in accordance with Curtis' personal ideology of law and order. At a final fight with Hybrid, he was seriously injured, not only by physical damage, but also by mental contact with the symbiotes. Later Sentry and the other members of the Jury would be led by U.S. Agent and financed by Edwin Cord. The Jury was sent after the Thunderbolts but failed.[volume & issue needed]

Almost all of his later team members were his colleagues from the Vault, either those involved in the riot, or those involved in the Guardsmen at other times. They include Screech (Maxwell Taylor), Ramshot (Samuel Caulkin), Bomblast (First Name Unknown, Last Name Parmenter), Firearm (Unknown), Wysper (Jennifer Stewart).[volume & issue needed]

His former enemy Scott Washington aka Hybrid was also a guard in the Vault.[volume & issue needed]

Powers and abilities[edit]

Sentry's armor and that of the other Jury members was based on that of the Guardsmen with notable upgrades designed to aid in the fight against Venom. Sentry's strength is the greatest of them all. He was strong enough to hold down Spider-Man in one of their fights. He has flight technology made differently from the others, with a ramjet propulsion mini engine installed into his boots. His whole costume is a green-brown color. He has a powerful energy gun. There's a picklock tool kit inside his right glove.

In other media[edit]


Sentry appeared in the episode "One Man's Worth (Part 1)" of the X-Men animated series.

Video Games[edit]

Sentry appeared as a boss in the video game Venom/Spider-Man: Separation Anxiety.



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