Cyberspace (role-playing game)

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Cyberspace rulebook cover
Designer(s) Tod Foley
Publisher(s) Iron Crown Enterprises
Publication date 1989 (1st edition)
1992 (2nd edition)
Genre(s) Cyberpunk
System(s) Spacemaster system

Cyberspace is a cyberpunk role-playing game published by Iron Crown Enterprises and using a somewhat modified version of their Spacemaster ruleset. The primary setting of Cyberspace is the urban sprawl around San Francisco in the year 2090. The game was written by Tod Foley, who also worked on a number of Iron Crown's Spacemaster supplements.

The game was out of print and unavailable for a number of years around the turn of the millennium, but is now available, with all of its supplements, from the publisher's homepage in a PDF format.

Character classes[edit]

Character classes for Cyberspace include:

  • Jockey, a jack-of-all-trades
  • Killer, a combat specialist
  • Net Junkie, a computer hacker
  • Sleaze, a specialist in social skills
  • Tech Rat, technical wizard

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