Cycling at the 2012 Summer Paralympics – men's 1 km time trial B

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Cycling, men's 1 km time trial B
at the XIV Paralympic Games
Venue ExCeL Exhibition Centre
Dates September 1
Competitors 12 from 10 nations
Winning time 1:01.351
Gold medal    Great Britain
Silver medal    Spain
Bronze medal    Netherlands
Cycling at the
2012 Summer Paralympics
Track cycling
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Time trial
Men Women
1 km time trial B B
500 m time trial C1–3

The men's 1 km time trial, Class B track cycling event at the 2012 Summer Paralympics took place on September 1 at London Velopark. This class is for blind and visually impaired cyclists riding with a sighted pilot.


WR = world record; DNF = did not finish.

Rank Name Country Time
1st Neil Fachie
Pilot: Barney Storey
Great Britain 1:01.351 WR
2nd Jose Enrique Porto Lareo
Pilot: Jose Antonio Villanueva Trinidad
Spain 1:02.707
3rd Rinne Oost
Pilot: Patrick Bos
Netherlands 1:03.052
4 Kieran Modra
Pilot: Scott McPhee
Australia 1:03.120
5 Bryce Lindores
Pilot: Sean Finning
Australia 1:03.896
6 Tatsuyuki Oshiro
Pilot: Yasufumi Ito
Japan 1:04.266
7 Clark Rachfal
Pilot: David Swanson
United States 1:05.280
8 Daniel Chalifour
Pilot: Alexandre Cloutier
Canada 1:05.433
9 James Brown
Pilot: Damien Shaw
Ireland 1:07.979
10 Christos Stefanakis
Pilot: Konstantinos Troulinos
Greece 1:09.163
11 Alberto Lujan Nattkemper
Pilot: Jonatan Ithurrart
Argentina 1:11.181
12 Anthony Kappes
Pilot: Craig MacLean
Great Britain DNF