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Shell of Cymbiola laminusa (paratype at MNHN, Paris)
Scientific classification Edit this classification
Domain: Eukaryota
Kingdom: Animalia
Phylum: Mollusca
Class: Gastropoda
Subclass: Caenogastropoda
Order: Neogastropoda
Superfamily: Volutoidea
Family: Volutidae
Genus: Cymbiola
Swainson, 1831[1]
Type species
Voluta cymbiola Gmelin, J.F., 1791
  • Aulica Gray, 1847
  • Aulicina Rovereto, 1899
  • Ausoba H. Adams & A. Adams, 1853
  • Cymbiola (Cymbiola) · accepted, alternate representation
  • Cymbiola (Cymbiolacca) Iredale, 1929 · accepted, alternate representation
  • Cymbiola (Magnavictoria) Poppe & Tagarao, 2020· accepted, alternate representation
  • Cymbiolacca Iredale, 1929
  • Cymbiolena Iredale, 1929
  • Pseudocymbiola McMichael, 1961
  • Scapha Gray, 1855
  • Volutocorona Pilsbry & Olsson, 1954
Cymbiola imperialis (Lightfoot, 1786), museum specimens Naturalis.

Cymbiola is a genus of large predatory sea snail, a marine gastropod mollusk in the family Volutidae, the volutes.[2]

Some of the species within this genus are sometimes placed in the genus Cymbiolacca Iredale, 1929, which is also sometimes treated as a subgenus of Cymbiola.


The thin shell is ovate and cymbiform. The spire is more or less produced. The apex is papillary and somewhat irregular. The aperture is wide. The inner lip shows a thin callus. The columella contains a few oblique plaits at the fore part. The acute outer lip is often somewhat dilated.[3]


Species within the genus Cymbiola include:

Species brought into synonymy
  • Cymbiola complexa Iredale, 1924: synonym of Cymbiola (Cymbiolacca) pulchra complexa Iredale, 1924
  • Cymbiola excelsior Bail & Limpus, 1998: synonym of Cymbiola pulchra excelsior Bail & Limpus, 1998 (original rank)
  • Cymbiola lutea R. B. Watson, 1882 : synonym of Alcithoe lutea (R. B. Watson, 1882) (original combination)
  • Cymbiola marispuma Angioy & Biraghi, 1977: synonym of Cymbiola (Cymbiola) innexa (Reeve, 1849)
  • Cymbiola randalli Stokes, 1961: synonym of Cymbiola (Cymbiolacca) pulchra wisemani (Brazier, 1870)
  • Cymbiola tamariskae Sutanto & Patamakanthin, 2004: synonym of Cymbiola nobilis tamariskae Sutanto & Patamakanthin, 2004


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