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Cyriac K. Pullapilly
Born India
Occupation College Professor
Former Priest of Syro-Malabar Catholicism[1]
Language English
Nationality Indian
Ethnicity Indian
Citizenship India
 United States
Education College, PhD
Alma mater St. Thomas College (India)
University of Chicago
Period 20th Century-21st Century
Genre Non-fiction
Subject Religion
Notable works Caesar Baronius, Counter-Reformation Historian
Notable awards Spes Unica Award from Saint Mary's College
Years active 1975-present
Spouse Elizabeth Pullapilly
Children Gita Pullapilly
Kavita Pullapillly
Anand Pullapilly
Relatives Aron Gaudet (son-in-law)
Joan Gaudet (co-mother-in-law)

Cyriac K. Pullapilly is emeritus professor of history[2] at Saint Mary's College, Indiana and a Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts. In 1975, he founded the Semester Around the World Program, where University of Notre Dame and Saint Mary's College students travelled the world and studied in India.

He has a multi-disciplinary approach to his studies and has published works on a broad range of subjects. His research has been supported by the Fulbright Foundation and the National Endowment for the Humanities, and in 2006 - the year in which he was admitted to the Royal Society of Arts - he held a visiting academic post at the University of Cambridge. He has also established his own publishing company and produced an "inclusive-language" edition of the New Testament.[3][4][5]

In 2007, Pullapilly received the Spes Unica Award from Saint Mary's College for his outstanding service to the College and for founding the Semester Around the World program.[6]

Pullapilly studied at St Thomas College in India and then at the University of Chicago, where he earned his PhD.[2] He and his wife are both Indian immigrants to the United States, raising their children in South Bend, Indiana.[5]



In addition to editing various books, Pullapilly has authored several,[citation needed] including:

  • Caesar Baronius, Counter-Reformation historian. University of Notre Dame Press. 1975. ISBN 9780268005016. 
  • Smith, Bardwell L., ed. (1976). "The Izhavas of Kerala and their Historic Struggle for Acceptance in the Hindu Society". Religion and Social Conflict in South Asia. BRILL. ISBN 9789004045101. 
  • Islam in the Contemporary World. Cross Cultural Publications/Crossroads. 1980. ISBN 9780940121003. 
  • East and West in the Renaissance: Essays in Cultural Interaction. Cross Cultural Publications. 2000. ISBN 9780940121461. 
  • Christianity and Native Cultures: Perspectives from Different Regions of the World. Cross Cultural Publications. 2004. ISBN 9780940121775. 


  • "The Izhavas of Kerala". Journal of Asian and African Studies. XI. 1976. 
  • "Agostino Valier and the Conceptual Basis of the Catholic Reformation". Harvard Theological Review. 85 (3): 307–333. July 1992. doi:10.1017/S0017816000003333. 

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