D. H. Lawrence Birthplace Museum

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The museum
The house in which the author was born.

The D.H. Lawrence Birthplace Museum is a writer's home museum dedicated to the writer D.H. Lawrence situated in Eastwood, near Nottingham. It is the house in which he was born in 1885 and one of the four houses the family occupied in Eastwood. Now a museum, you can visit the building via timed entry & guided tour only. Booking in advance is advised to avoid disappointment.

The Exhibition[edit]

Visitors enter the museum through the house next door, through the museum shop.

The house has been laid out in the style of a late 19th-century working class miner’s house, with the furniture being mostly from the family of the women who founded it. There are a few original items from Lawrence’s family; the artifacts are as close to the 1880s as possible and from Nottinghamshire to make the contents as authentic for the period. The house is set out as it was thought to have been when the Lawrences lived there. Visitors are given a guided tour which takes approximately 45 minutes. The significance of each room (parlour, kitchen, communal yard, washhouse, parents’ bedroom, children's bedroom and attic) is explained and questions encouraged.

There is a small exhibition of Lawrence’s early original water colour paintings and a DVD room that starts the tour giving basic information on his life in Eastwood and thereafter. Photocopies of his later paintings are also displayed. A recent addition to the collection was Lawrence’s original gravestone, which has been on display since 11 September 2009, the anniversary of his birthday.

DH Lawrence Heritage Centre[edit]

The Heritage Centre, May 2013

Prior to 2016, the Broxtowe Borough Council also supported the nearby DH Lawrence Heritage Centre (also known as Durban House), which contained exhibitions about the social history of Eastwood and other facilities. In 2015 the Council voted to close the building and merge the Centre with the Birthplace Museum as a money saving measure.[1]


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