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DIY stands for Do It Yourself.

DIY may also refer to:

Do it yourself[edit]

  • Hardware stores, also called "DIY stores", selling equipment for home improvement directly to consumers
  • DIY Network, a television channel focusing on home do-it-yourself projects
  • DIY audio, do-it-yourself audio equipment
  • DIY ethic, the ethic of being self-reliant as opposed to relying on professionals
  • DIY moving, do-it-yourself packing and moving
  • DIY networking, different types of grassroots networking
  • DIY birth or unassisted birth, the process of intentionally giving birth without the assistance of a medical or professional birth attendant


  • DIY, another name for lo-fi music
  • DIY♡ (Dance in Your Heart), a Hello! Project musical group created as part of the Satoyama Movement
  • DiY Sound System, an English musical collective
  • DIY (magazine), a United Kingdom-based music magazine



Other uses[edit]