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DJ Ezasscul
DJ Ezasscul, Photo Shoot Brooklyn, Oct 2012.jpg
Background information
Birth name Ricky Lascaze
Also known as DJ Ezasscul
Born (1992-11-23) November 23, 1992 (age 24)
Brooklyn, New York
Genres Hip-Hop
Occupation(s) Hip-Hop Producer
Instruments FL Studio
Labels Digi Crates Records / Jazzy Peace Records

[Ricky Lascaze] (Born November 23, 1992) is an American Hip-Hop DJ and producer from Brooklyn, New York who records under the name DJ Ezasscul. For a brief period of time he was a member of the rap group Supreme & Eaze with, Missouri rapper, Supreme Sol. DJ Ezasscul is also founder of the independent label Jazzy Peace Records.

Music career[edit]

Lascaze began producing music, at age 14, when he was in his sophomore year of High School. His music career officially began in 2010, with the debut of his first release titled "State of Mind" on Digi Crates Records.[1] State Of Mind, which released when Ezasscul was only 17 years of age, debuted at [#23 on iTunes Japan top 200 Hip-Hop/Rap albums] and it received mixed reviews from its audience.

Jazz Meditation Series[edit]

DJ Ezasscul is best known for his Jazz Meditation series, a trilogy album, released by both Libyus Music and Digi Crates Records. Jazz Meditation 1, 2 and 3 are primarily instrumental releases but feature a short amount of rappers on a few songs on the album. Jas Mace of The 49ers is featured on Jazz Meditation 1 on the song "Time Passes". The song "When She Smiles" is a collaborative effort between DJ Ezasscul and English producer Thomas Prime. Moldovan rapper Fresh Sly, who is also another artist on Digi Crates Records, is featured on Jazz Meditation 2 on the song "Steady Vibes" which samples "A Day In The Park" by Michal Urbaniak. Jazz Meditation 2, which was released by Libyus Music, was the only album of the trilogy to gain a review, it received 3 stars out of 5 in a review by Jazz Meditation 3, the last of the trilogy, features the most rappers on an album by DJ Ezasscul. Supreme Sol is featured on the song "Take It Ez", Ghostra Nostra who is also another artist on Digi Crates Records is featured on the songs "Hi (Yenny Love)" and "As Time Goes By". Similar to Jazz Meditation 2, Jazz Meditation 3 also features foreign rappers including the Iceland rap group Sonin on the song "Ez Does It" and Japanese rapper 2mo'key on the song "Phantasm".


In 2010, DJ Ezasscul released a free tribute project dedicated to Nujabes, titled "Remembering Nujabes", along with DJ Sorama, DJ B.M.C. and FreshGalaxy. Ezasscul has been featured on Tribute To Jun 1, 2 and 3, a compilation album dedicated to Nujabes by Digi Crates Records. Ezasscul's instrumentals are known for having Jazz samples incorporated into them, songs like "Lunar Winds" which samples "Moonstreams" by Grover Washington, Jr and "Tempara" which samples "Nica's Dream" by Art Farmer are perfect examples of Ezasscul's ability to mold and disguise samples used in his music. In an interview with Syrup Daily DJ Ezasscul stated that Fat Jon and Uyama Hiroto were his idols along with Nujabes and Pete Rock. As a DJ, Ezasscul is known for his critically acclaimed mix-tape "92 'Til Infinity" which was featured on, it was released February 20, 2012 and is not to be mistaken for another project released under the same name by Pittsburgh rapper Mac Miller. "92 'Til Infinity" is a full length Hip-Hop mix-tape by DJ Ezasscul which features classics hits by various Hip-Hop acts from the golden era of Hip-Hop such as Lords Of The Underground, Kris Kross and Big L.


Ezasscul's production setup is strictly software; he uses various audio programs but solely FL Studio to produce. Ezasscul works with DAW's and VST's to achieve his sound. Programs such as Cubase, Virtual DJ and Purity help him with music production. He samples, records, digitally, via mp3's and WAV's. For a brief period of time he used a MPD 24 and an MPC 2000XL.


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