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Bill Shillito
DM Ashura at San Japan 1.5
Background information
Birth name William James Robert Shillito
Also known as DM Ashura
Born (1986-03-26) March 26, 1986 (age 30)
Brooklyn, New York, U.S.A.
Genres Trance, psychedelic trance, goa, ambient, drum and bass, ethnic, hyper techno[1]
Occupation(s) Producer, remixer
Instruments Keyboard, Korg Kaoss Pad 3
Years active 2002-present

William "Bill" James Robert Shillito (b. 1986-03-26 in Brooklyn, New York), more commonly known as DM Ashura, is an electronic artist whose work can be found in the music games O2Jam, Dance Dance Revolution, StepMania, beatmania IIDX, Flash Flash Revolution, and Pump it Up.


Bill lived in Queens for 8 years and now resides in Atlanta, Georgia. He started playing piano at the age of 2 and composing around age 8. He also has played viola since age 12.[1]

Bill creates his music under the name DM Ashura; the "DM" stands for Digital Maestro, while "Ashura" (spelled 阿修羅) is Japanese for "fighting demon".[2] He has made a number of remixes (mostly from music games), particularly "neoMAX" (a remix of the MAX series), which won first place in Tournamix 4, a DDR stepfile-writing contest.[2] He has also since written a number of original tracks, and is well known in the music game community for his work.[3]

Work in games[edit]

DM Ashura's music has recently been licensed for a number of music games:

Tracks in O2Jam (for PC):[4]

  • Euphorium
  • GO!
  • Astral

All three of these songs can be found on the Malaysian server. GO! can be found on the Japanese server as well.[5]

Tracks in Flash Flash Revolution:[6]

  • KlungKung 2004
  • Aztec Templing (Techno-Titlan Mix)
  • AAA
  • R3 (Omega Mix)
  • Boss Machine
  • neoMAX
  • Classical Insanity
  • MAX Forever
  • Z
  • Psychosis
  • Seven
  • GO!
  • MaxX AttaxX*
  • Otter's Dance (Hotroot Mix)

Tracks in Dance Dance Revolution ULTRAMIX 4 (for Xbox)

  • GO! (Mahalo Mix)
  • Celebrate Nite (Like It's '99 Mix)

Tracks in Dance Dance Revolution Universe 3 (for Xbox 360)

  • Your Angel
  • Rave Until The Night Is Over
  • ΔMAX
  • aftershock!!

(3 of these tracks are also featured in the arcade release of Dance Dance Revolution X2, excluding Rave Until The Night Is Over).

Tracks in Beatmania IIDX 16: Empress

  • neogenesis[7]

Tracks in Pump It Up Pro 2 (for Arcade)

  • Allegro Con Fuoco
  • Chaotic White (vs Enoch)
  • GO! (EK Mix)
  • Rave Until The Night Is Over
  • Rave Until The Night Is Over (Cyber Trance Mix)
  • X-RaVE
  • Z -The New Legend-(Long Version)

Tracks in Pump It Up Fiesta EX (for Arcade)

  • Rave Until The Night Is Over
  • Allegro Con Fuoco
  • X-RaVE

(All of these tracks were previously featured on a spinoff game called Pump It Up Pro).

Tracks in Pump It Up Infinity (for Arcade)

  • Elise
  • Ignis Fatuus
  • Fallen Angel
  • Euphorium
  • Z -The New Legend
  • Pi Rho Maniac

Tracks in Pump It Up Prime (for Arcade)

  • Allegro Piu Mosso
  • Annihilator Method
  • Move That Body!

DM Ashura first got his tracks into DDR when he won Konami's music competition on[8] His song GO! was selected among around 300 other entries. The other three winners were Grandolin by Zerofuser, Race Against Time by Jeff Steinman, and There's a Rhythm by Dig Bear feat. Kat Blu.


DM Ashura's first album, Digital Maestro, was released in May 2007 at Anime Central. Two of the tracks, "Snowblind" and "Nautilus", feature guitarist Ricky Graham.[9]

Also, "Celebrate Nite (Like It's '99 Mix)" can be found on Konami's Ultramix 4 V-Rare 11, as well as the "Cusimo & Co. Extended Mix" on the Supernova/Ultramix 4 Combo V-Rare 10.[10]


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