Da Grassroots

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Da Grassroots
Also known as Da Grass Roots Music
Origin Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Genres Canadian hip hop
Occupation(s) Record producers
Instruments Sampler, keyboard, turntable
Years active 1989–present
Labels Black Employed Records, Conception Records
Associated acts Ghetto Concept, Choclair, Saukrates
Members Mr. Attic
Mr. Murray

Da Grassroots are a Canadian hip-hop production team from Toronto, Ontario, composed of Mr. Attic, Mr. Murray, and Swiff. The Juno Award-winning group contributed to the development of Toronto hip hop throughout the 1990s, highlighted by the release of their debut album Passage Through Time in 1999.[1]

After the underground success of their album, each member began working on various solo projects. Mr. Attic co-founded Choice Cut Records, Mr. Murray produced for LAL, and Swiff produced for artists on the group's Black Employed Records label.[2]




  • "Drama" feat. Elemental (1995)
  • "Price of Livin'" feat. Mr. Roam (1999)
  • "Thematics" feat. Arcee (1999)
  • "Body Language" feat. Choclair and Saukrates (2000)

Production credits[edit]

(Not including songs from Passage Through Time or Mr. Attic's solo production credits.)


  • "Certified", "Certified (Remix)", "Dungeon", "Mista Crack Ed" – Ghetto Concept


  • "Deifitrec", "Certified (808)" – Ghetto Concept
  • "No Dingbats Allowed" – Dream Warriors


  • "E-Z on tha Motion" – Ghetto Concept


  • "Ninty Sixness" – Diemen X (produced by Swiff)
  • "Who's Talking Weight (Remix)" – Red Life (produced by Swiff)


  • "Ya Done Know" – Red Life (produced by Swiff)


  • "Ice Cold" – Choclair


  • "Ever Since (Da Grassroots Remix)" – Maestro (produced by Swiff)
  • "Ripped Mee Off" (produced by Swiff), "Lady Luck (The Darkside)" (produced by Mr. Murray) – Michie Mee
  • "Let's Make a Record Deal Episode 1" – Mastermind feat. D-Sisive (produced by Swiff)
  • "Bump!" – Mastermind feat. Choclair and Mr. Roam (produced by Swiff)
  • "Let's Make a Record Deal Episode 3" – Mastermind feat. Citizen Kane (produced by Mr. Murray)
  • "Marvel Interlude", "Arcee Interlude" – Mastermind (produced by Swiff)

Awards and nominations[edit]


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