Dacrycarpus steupii

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Dacrycarpus steupii
Scientific classification
Kingdom: Plantae
Division: Pinophyta
Class: Pinopsida
Order: Pinales
Family: Podocarpaceae
Genus: Dacrycarpus
Species: D. steupii
Binomial name
Dacrycarpus steupii
Wasscher de Laub.

Dacrycarpus steupii is a species of conifer in the Podocarpaceae family.


The taxonomy of the dacrycarpus steupii is as follows:

  • Kingdom - Plantae
  • Phylum - Tracheopyta
  • Class - Coniferopsida
  • Order - Coniferales
  • Family - Podocarpaceae[1]


The dacrycarpus steupii can grow up to the average height of about 35 m, but it is common to see them stunted in growth. The outer bark is black to dark brown while the inner bark is reddish brown to pink. The bark also peels of in small flakes. The male flowers cannot be seen. Female cones can be found on long, elongate leaves. The needles on the branches are widespread.[2]

Location and range[edit]

It is found only in Indonesia. In Kalimantan, the dacrycarpus steupii was known from a population near Balikpapan that is now extinct. It is possible that it is widespread through New Guinea in the Latimodjong Mountains.[1]


It is threatened by habitat loss and modern agricultural growth.[1]



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