Dad Man Cat

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Dad Man Cat
Studio album by Corduroy
Released 1992
Recorded 1992
Genre Acid jazz
Length 51:56 (sans track 12)
Label Acid Jazz Records
Producer Corduroy & Eddie Piller
Corduroy chronology
Dad Man Cat
High Havoc

Dad Man Cat was the first LP to be released by Corduroy. It is primarily an instrumental album, with what became the classic Corduroy sound.

Track listing[edit]

  1. "Chowdown" (Ben Addison, Nelson-Smith, Richard Searle)
  2. "Long Cool & Bubbly" (Corduroy)
  3. "The Girl Who Was Death" (Addison, Scott Addison, Nelson-Smith, Searle)
  4. "How To Steal The World" (Corduroy)
  5. "Frug In G Major" (Addison, Nelson-Smith, Searle)
  6. "Electric Soup" (Corduroy)
  7. "Ponytail" (Corduroy)
  8. "Harry Palmer" (Addison, Addison, Nelson-Smith, Searle)
  9. "E-Type" (Addison)
  10. "Skirt Alert" (Corduroy)
  11. "Six Plus One" (Addison, Addison, Nelson-Smith, Searle)
  12. "Money Is" (Quincy Jones)


  • Scott Addison – vocals, keyboards
  • Ben Addison – drums
  • Simon Nelson-Smith – guitar
  • Richard Searle – bass guitar
  • Robin Lurie - percussion
  • Corduroy – producer
  • John Laker – engineer
  • Eddie Piller – producer

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