Dadu Plateau

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Dadu Plateau

The Dadu Plateau (Chinese: 大肚台地), also known as Dadu Mountain or Dadushan (Chinese: 大肚山; Pe̍h-ōe-jī: Tōa-tō͘-soaⁿ), stretches across Taichung City in central-western Taiwan. It faces the Taichung Basin on the east and the seacoast of Taichung on the west, and lies between the Dajia River and Dadu River. The plateau is long and narrow, has a length of about 20 km, and a width of about 5 to 7 km. It average height is about 151 m, with a highest peak which has a height of 310 m.

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Coordinates: 24°08′45″N 120°34′44″E / 24.1458°N 120.5789°E / 24.1458; 120.5789