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Type Tea
Country of origin Korea
Ingredients dried jujube, ginger, honey, hot water
Korean name
Hangul 대추차
Revised Romanization daechucha
McCune–Reischauer taech'uch'a
IPA [tɛ̝.tɕʰu.tɕʰa]

Daechucha is a traditional Korean tea made with dried jujubes, which are called daechu in Korean. There are two ways of making daechucha: boiling dried jujubes or diluting the juice of fresh or preserved jujubes into boiling water.[1] Daechucha is known to be abundant in iron, potassium, vitamins B and C.[2]

A pre-prepared daechucha syrup containing jujube pieces is also commercially available in Korean grocery stores.[3]

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