Dahomeyan Territorial Assembly election, 1952

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Elections for the Territorial Assembly were held in French Dahomey on 30 March 1952. Sourou-Migan Apithy's Republican Party of Dahomey won 19 of the 32 second college seats.[1] Only ten members of the Legislative Council elected in 1947 were re-elected.[2]


The Legislative Council had been created as part of the constitutional reforms that created French Fourth Republic. In 1952 it was converted into the Territorial Assembly, and was enlarged from 30 to 50 seats. The Assembly was elected by two electoral colleges; 18 by the first electoral college and 32 by the second.[3]


Party Votes % Seats
First College
Union for the Defence of the General Interests of Dahomey 484 12
Centre Union 79 3
Union for the Defence of Economic and Social Interests 61 2
Other parties 0
Independents 326 1
Invalid/blank votes
Total 1,338 100 18
Registered voters/turnout 2,130 62.8
Second College
Republican Party of Dahomey 52,200 19
Ethnic Group of the North 42,427 9
African People's Bloc 5,797 4
Dahomeyan Progressive Union 0
Other parties 0
Invalid/blank votes
Total 127,166 32
Registered voters/turnout 316,547 40.1
Source: De Benoist[4]


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