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Dalarnas Tidningar (DT) is a Swedish media company founded in 1987 by the merger of two companies, Falu-Kuriren AB with the newspaper Falu Kuriren and Dalarnes Tidnings- och Boktryckeri AB (DTBAB) with newspapers Borlänge Tidning, Nya Ludvika Tidning, Mora Tidning and Södra Dalarnes Tidning. These local newspapers, which cover different parts of Dalarna County (280,000 inhabitants), kept their non-political or liberal (i.e. non-socialist) editorial policies after the merger. The newspapers of Dalarnas Tidningar group have a combined circulation of 65,000 copies (2005), while their main competitor Dala-Demokraten (social-democratic) has 18,600 (2007), according to Tidningsstatistik AB.

In 2007 Dalarnas Tidningar was bought by the group Mittmedia.

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