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Dalmanerea colonial20080314.JPG
Background information
Origin Buenos Aires, Argentina
Genres Psychedelic rock, pop rock, alternative rock, electronic rock
Years active 2000 – present
Labels Sony Music
Bultaco Records
Pop Art Music
meZKla Records
Website www.dalmanerea.com.ar
Members I-Van
Past members Tony_GL, Rode-T, Cyvorg

Dalmanerea is an Argentine rock band, formed in early 2000s by former members of the Olavarría's band Disculpen al Nono, which at that time were scattered among Buenos Aires, Tandil and Olavarria.

Dalma's music mixed various styles (rock, electronic, pop, alternative, punk, techno, rap, disco, metal, and others) in what has been called meZKla argentina

In their shows, the band offers a powerful sound, a well balanced power-rock trio with a strong electronic base, an extreme-singer-dancer and some humorous licenses.

Dalmanerea has one own production disc (Mundo Guz-Kar), participation in some collectives albums with others underground bands, and numerous tours of the alternative circuits of the country. Also, the band is publishing a comic (Dalmaworld) on its website that is followed by a lot of readers.

The current version (4.0) is formed by Lex-Loro in charge of the guitar/chorus, Betolon playing drums, I-Van in bass/chorus, and Varmando as lead voice and official dancer. Songwriting and lyrics is shared by all members.

Past versions were the v1.0 (Guitar: Cyvorg + Drums/bass: Betolon + Bass/Drums/Voice: Varmando), v1.5 (1.0 + Guitar: Tony_GL), v2.0 (Guitar: Tony_GL + Drums/Bass: Betolon + Bass/Drum: Varmando), v2.5 (2.0 + Bass: Rode-T), v3.0 (Bass: I-Van + Guitar: Tony_GL + Drums: Betolon + Voice: Varmando), v3.5 (3.0 + Guitar: Lex-Loro)


Mundo Guz-Kar, 2008, meZKla Records

Dalmademox, 2006, Cyborg Records

El Colectivo II, 2004, Discos Colectivo

El Colectivo III, 2003, Discos Colectivo



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