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Dalton Gooding (born 18 November 1954)[1] is a Western Australian businessman, and from 2002 to 2007 he was the chairman of the West Coast Eagles Australian Football League club. He was also a founding partner of the Chartered Accounting firm Gooding Pervan, which later became Gooding Partners.

A former footballer himself, in the early 1970s Gooding moved from his hometown of Dumbleyung in rural Western Australia to take up a 3-year $1000 scholarship offered to him by WAFL club Claremont.[2] He played nine seasons for the Tigers and represented Western Australia in a game at the 1975 Knockout Carnival.

Board Association[edit]

In addition to his West Coast Eagles chairmanship, Gooding is a principal in the accounting firm Gooding Partners, as well as being on a number of boards.[3]

Company Board Position
Anatolia Energy Ltd Board Member
Brierty Limited Chairman
Avita Medical Ltd Chairman
Crosby Tiles Board Member
Dental Manufacturing SPA (Italy) Board Member
Elkington Bishop Molineaux Pty Limited Board Member
Gateway Capital Ltd Chairman
J H Wilberforce Pty Limited Chairman
Katana Capital Limited Chairman
Lignor Ltd Board Member
Perth Investment Corporation Limited Chairman
RAC Finance Pty Limited Board Member
RAC Holdings Pty Limited Board Member
RAC Insurance Pty Limited Board Member
RACWA Inc Board Member
Ruthinium Dental Products (P) Limited (India) Board Member
Ruthinium Group Pty Limited Chairman
Service Finance Corporation Ltd Chairman
St John of God Health Care National Governing Board Board Member
Sunlec International Pty Limited Board Member
SIPA Resources Limited Board Member
St Ives Group Pty Ltd Board Member
Triumphant Nominees Pty Ltd Board Member
Watermark Enterprises Pty Ltd Board Member


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