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Dame Darcy is an alternative cartoonist.[1] Her comic book, Meat Cake, has been published by Fantagraphics since 1993. Darcy has also released several graphic novels, Frightful Fairytales, Dame Darcy's Meat Cake Compilation, The Illustrated Jane Eyre (Penguin 2006),[2] Dollerium (Presspop, 2007),[2] Comic Book Tattoo (Image Comics 2008), Gasoline (Merrell Publishers, 2008) and Handbook For Hot Witches (Holt 2012).


Dame Darcy exhibits her illustrations, paintings, and hand crafted dolls, throughout the world as fine art in galleries regularly, she also creates short films and animations which have won awards and can currently be seen on her YouTube channel. Her Band Death By Doll plays regularly and currently she has his music and more releases available on CD Baby.She has also designed painted murals and stained glass for the celebrity homes of Margaret Cho, Courtney Love, (among others) and window displays for Forbidden Planet in NY, Amoeba Records in LA and more.

Meat Cake, her long standing comic book title published by Fantagraphics since 1992 will be available as downloadable -e-books on Dame Darcy.com The compilation is also still available in the books section of DD.com. In 2000 DD illustrated stories for Alan Moore on his DC series Cob Web, and he also wrote a story for Meat Cake #9.

Dame Darcy has also released several graphic novels, Frightful Fairytales (published by Ten Speed Press 2002) also now available as an ebook with 3 new stories on DD.com, Garden of Poisonous Flowers (2003) Dame Darcy’s Meat Cake Compilation (Fantagraphics books 2003) The Illustrated Jane Eyre (Putnam Penguin USA 2006) Dollerium Book and DVD (Presspop, Tokyo 2007) Comic Book Tattoo a comic compilation illustrating the songs of Tori Amos, forward by Neil Gaiman (Image comics 2008) among other compilations. Gasoline graphic novel (Merrell, London 2008) has an accompanying music release by her current band Death By Doll as well as other albums. Meat Cake will be released in a series of graphic novels (Fantagraphics 2010-on) which includes a forward by Margaret Cho and a story written by Alan Moore. Marvel Comics hired DD to write Fairy-Tales using the characters from Fantastic Four released in fall 2010. Also Graphic Cannon 2 compiled by Russ Kick 2012 (7 Stories Press)

Hand Book for Hot Witches,published by Holt (released Halloween 2012) will also host tea party/art salons using the book as reference and our EZ Bake Coven forum. She is also working on Children's books such as Isabelle Red Riding Hood. And an online game, Paper Doll Dreams,based on the characters from Meat Cake. Dame Darcy's newest project is her graphic novel series: The Black Rainbow Ranch trilogy: Black Rainbow Ranch, Rainbow Echo, and Rainbows End, available on DD.com as e-books and more.

Her paintings and illustrations are currently represented by Sloan Fine Art in New York City. Her self publishing company, fine art, events, commissions, video blogs and all other multimedia can be viewed at DameDarcy.com where she can be contacted directly.


Tarzan and the Comics of Idaho #1 published by Idaho Comics Group, August 2014

Handbook For Hot Witches Published by Holt NYC due Oct 2012

The Graphic Cannon The Definitive Anthology of the World’s Greatest Literature Through Comics" (DD illustrated Alice In Wonderland) published by 7 stories Press due 2011

Fantastic Four (Fairy-tales) Published by Marvel due December 2010

"Meat Cake" (compilation) with a forward by Margaret Cho and comic by Alan Moore Published by Fantagraphics Books 2010

Dark Stars Rising By Shade Rupe 24 years of interviews with various creators of darker art Published by Headpress UK 2010

"The Penalty of Hope" Poems by Vincent D. Dominion/Illustrated by Dame Darcy -to have done with (2010)

Gasoline Graphic novel written and Illustrated by Dame Darcy Published by Merrell Books UK 2008

Comic Book Tattoo Comic compilation based on Tori Amos songs Forward by Neil Gaiman publisher Image comics 2008

The Illustrated Jane Eyre DD illustrated Graphic Novel Published by Putnam Penguin 2006

Dollerium Full color book /DVD written and illustrated by Dame Darcy for Japanese-based publisher Press Pop 2007

Meat Cake Issues #1-17 & continuing A whimsical dark fantasy comic book published by Fantagraphics Books, the largest publisher of underground comic books in the US 1991–Present

Meat Cake Compilation Written and Illustrated by DD Hard Bound book Published by Fantagraphics 2003

Frightful Fairy Tales Graphic Novel written and illustrated by Dame Darcy published by Ten Speed Press, 2002

Cobweb DD works with writer Alan Moore, illustrating comics for his collaborative series. Published by D.C. /wildstorm, 2000

Spin The Bottle Illustrations for graphic novel by Justine Brown, 2007

Blythe Doll Book sponsored by Hasbro fashion designs published by Japanese-based CWC 2006

In The Garden of Poisonous Flowers Illustrations for Graphic Novel Subterranean Press 2002

Lost Souls Illustrations for graphic novel by Poppy Z. Brite Published 1999

Big Book of Grimm Fairytale comics compilation D.C. Comics, 1998

Rollerderby the Book Illustrations for book by Lisa Carver Published by Feral House, 1996.

Dancing Queen, Illustrations for Book by Lisa Carver Published by Henry Holt 1998

Doll House Book Doll designs contributed by DD Published by Finnegan, 2000.

Media Vaca Spanish Comics compilation 2002

Funeral Party I and II Illustrations /comics for Compilation by Shade Rupe 1995-1999

A Girl’s Guide to Taking Over the World Published by St. Martin's Press 1998

Broken Noses and Metempsychoses Illustrations for a book of poetry by Michael Carter 1998

Bust Magazine Book Comics contributed 1999

Suture London based journal, 1999.

Women's Herstory in Comics Compiled and edited by Trina Robbins Comics compilation featuring female cartoonists 1998

Twisted Sisters Compilation book featuring Female Cartoonists. Kitchen Sink Press 1995

Diva compilation comic book featuring female cartoonists 1992


"Are You Afraid to Die" Cassette -'Nuff Sed Records (1992) Individually hand tinted limited edition book with lyrics and illustrations

"Mexican Crawling Poppy Seed" 7" -'Nuf Sed Records (1993)

"The Devil Made Here Do It" 7" -Stickshift Records (1993)

Dame Darcy with The Coctails "Tardvark" 7" -High Ball Records (1994)

Sideshow Records Compilation CD (1994)

Kill Rock Stars Compilation CD (1994)

"Devil Made Her Do It" 7" -Stick Shift Records (1993)

Dame Darcy & Dennis Driscoll EP CD -Little Pad Records (1995)

"Will O' Wisp Octopus" 7" -Villa VillaKula Records (1995)

"When I'm Hungry I Eat" -Gormandizer Record Compilation

"Grouse Mountain Skyride" 7" (1996)

Suckdog "Onward Suckdog Soldiers" CD (1998)

Isabelle the Hungriest Filly CD (1998)

Black Strap Molasses Family "The Elixir That'll Fix'er" CD-Transparency Records (1998)

Rock Rock Chicken Pox -CD (1999)

Dame Darcy "My Eyes Have Seen the Glory" CD -CT Records (2002)

"Gem In Eye" 7" -ir-ar Records U.K. (2002)

Dame Darcy's "Greatest Hits Vol. 1" CD -Boptart/Action Driver Records (2004)

Death By Doll "Gasoline" CD -Emperor Penguin Records (2006)

Horse Hospital CD -Infinite Chug Records (2008)

Death By Doll "Cabin Fever" CD -Emperor Penguin Records (2008)

Death By Doll "ElectroRococo" CD Due out February 2011


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