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Dan Apostol (12 July 1957 Bucharest – 4 March 2013 Bucharest) was a Romanian writer and researcher, specialized in several border domains of aviation, history, archeology, ancient civilisations, art, biology, anthropology, palaeontology and cryptozoology.



  • Coauthor of the Antares anthologies with Rodica Bretin, 4 volumes (1991–1995) about ancient civilisations, unexplained phenomena, cryptozoology and fantastic literature.

International awards[edit]


  • Between 1982 and 2010, Dan Apostol has published 800 articles, studies and editorials in 25 Romanian, French, Italian and British publication (including Science et Avenir, Science et Vie, Nature, Natural History, The Historian, Magazin, Astra, Romania Literara, Stiinta si Tehnica, Meridian, Baricada, SLAST, Magazin International, Terra XXI, Jurnalul de Bucuresti, START 2001) and 6 anthologies from England and Romania.

Audio-Visual programs Producer, Host or Director[edit]

  • Chief Programs Officer (1993) and Executive Manager (1994–1996) at the Canal b National Company of Film, Television and Video
  • In 1993 has directed two television documentaries: Stalin - A Nightmare for Eternity and Baia Mare - in Search of the Hidden Cancer
  • Between 1994–1996 has been the producer of all television programs distributed nationwide by the Canal b National Company of Film, Television and Video
  • Between 1982–2010 has been the producer, host or guest for 300 TV and Radio shows at 16 Romanian, French, Italian and British Television and Radio Channels (Arte, Rai Due, ZDF, RTL, Discovery, Discovery Civilisation, BBC, TVR 1, TVR 2, TV Sigma, Tele 7 abc, Radio Romania 1 and 2, Radio Bucharest, Radio Total and Radio Tinerama)