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Dan Empfield (born 1957) is an American entrepreneur in the world of multisport, manufacturer of the triathlon wetsuit in 1987, and the triathlon-specific racing bike in 1989. The original designs were manufactured by the Quintana Roo,[1] which he founded in 1987.

Empfield sold Quintana Roo in 1995 to Saucony[2] and managed that company's bicycle division until June 1999. He left to start Slowtwitch.com.

Today, Empfield is the editor and publisher of the popular on-line triathlon news and commentary web site slowtwitch.com. His FIST-based protocol of triathlon bicycle fitting is an industry methodology for fitting triathletes to their bikes.[3]

Empfield has been inducted into the Triathlete Magazine Hall of Fame (2004)[4] and the USA Triathlon Hall of Fame (2014),[5] has received the World Open Water Swimming Association's (WOWSA) lifetime achievement award (2010),[6] and was named by Inside Triathlon as one of the ten most influential people in United States triathlon for 2012[7] and 2013. He received Interbike’s Triathlon Industry Leader of the Year award in 2014.[8] He serves on the board of directors of Triathlon Business International[9] and is a former board member of USA Triathlon.[10]


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