Daniel Kox

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Daniel Kox
Born (1952-02-04) 4 February 1952 (age 64)
Brussels, Belgium
Nationality Belgian

Daniel Kox (born 4 February 1952, Brussels) is a Belgian cartoonist and comics artist, best known for his comics series Agent 212.[1]


Early in his career, Kox worked as an assistant for Dino Attanasio.[1]

In 1970 began publishing Vladimir et Firmin (Vladimir and Firmin), a series of one-page strips about a forest ranger and a poacher which appeared in the Belgian comics monthly magazine Samedi-Jeunesse and in 1974, started working with Spirou magazine.[1] In 1975, Kox and writer Raoul Cauvin created Agent 212, a humorous about a somewhat gaffe-prone policeman. This very successful series remains Kox' best known work and twenty eight volumes have been published by Dupuis since 1981.[2]


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