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Agent 212, Cover of the first album

Agent 212 is the name of a humorous Belgian comic about a large police officer. The comic series is written by Raoul Cauvin, and drawn by Daniel Kox, and has been published in the Spirou/Robbedoes magazine since 1975. Dupuis has also published 26 comic books in French and Dutch featuring the caricature police officer. Agent 212 is currently one of the best selling series in French, with 66,000 copies for the 25th album in 2006.[1] and it has currently 1 best of, 3 editions, and 28 main stories.

The comics has also been translated into Indonesian language and sold in Indonesia published by MISURIND publishing company up to 16 volumes and later BIP publishing company with 28 regular editions and 3 special editions.

Main Characters[edit]

  • Arthur Delfouille ("Agent 212"): His nickname is "Tutur". This police officer makes a lot of blunders.
  • Kiki Delfouille: Arthur's chihuahua pet dog, first appearance is volume 25 "Become a Model" when he was bought by Louise and becomes Arthur's sidekick.
  • Albert ("Agent 213"): Arthur's colleague and partner.
  • Raoul Lebrun: The Police Commissioner. He is extremely ill-tempered and impatient. He has to confront Arthur after Arthur makes blunders, specially against his immediate superiors.
  • Louise Delfouille : Arthur's wife.
  • Adrian: A police officer who is Arthur's friend.
  • Arthur's Stepmother: Despite being Louise's mother, she remains hostile towards Arthur but not hating him much, she talks something negative about Arthur, and is also the victim of his vengeance. First appearance is in volume 24 "Try to Disguise", at page 39-42 where she was a main antagonist at the storyline, here, she gets a call from Arthur, who talks violently to her and scares her.


  • Suicidal Man: An old man who really wants to kill himself and every time he's trying to, always failed by Arthur. He is the main antagonist in Volume 1 '24 Hours A Day', and the most recurring antagonist of the series. (According to volume 25, this man used to be a police man in his young life, which why he regrets his life and decide to kill himself)
  • Hobo: The secondary recurring antagonist of the series, according to Volume 2 page 36-40, he didn't want to escape from the trashcan until Arthur playing his trashcan, and later defeated by Arthur when Arthur stuck him in the trashcan forever.
  • Thief: The major recurring antagonist who always chased by Arthur, he only succeeded by outsmarting Arthur, according to Volume 18 page 24-26, he briefly redeemed.
  • Norbert: A man who is always get ticketed by Arthur.
  • Raymond: The tree chopper who carries a chainsaw, he is first defeated by Arthur when Arthur shot him at Volume 21 'Going Flying'
  • Pedro and Aldo: They were murderers who is trying to kill a president, but was failed by Arthur, appeared at Volume 4 'Nervous Bodyguard'
  • Jeff: The high-tempered man who appears at Volume 3 'No Entry'. First, he teach a dog a lesson but was stopped by Arhur, then, argue with an england guy, but was arrested by Arthur after the england guy tells him that he annoy his sleeps.
  • Ricky: Appears at Volume 24 'Try to Disguise'. Hie sells crackers, but Arthur stop him and confiscate all of his crackers, which makes him loses his temper and turn on the lights at the cracker as a revenge.
  • Drunken Joe: Appears at Volume 19 'Strong Laughing'. He is drunk, and manage to go home with his car but he was stopped by Arthur as Arthur grab his key, and he don't want to go home while walking, as the taxi driver also drunk as he screams to Arthur that the driver was drunker than him.
  • Hal: Appears at Volume 19 'Strong Laughing'. He outsmarts Arthur after gets ticketed. First, he stares Arthur, second, Arthur wears a sunglass as he insult Arthur, third, Arhur wears a headband and he almost sucking Arthur, fourth, he drop an egg to Arthur, fifth, he finally laughs at Arthur after Arthur wears a cooking shield suit. Hal is the only antagonist who completely defeats Arthur.
  • Ivan: Appears at Volume 20 'Creeps'. He buys a bear skin that used to scaring Arhur and Albert, and his bear skin was destroyed by Arthur and Albert, as he forces those cops to pay as a revenge.
  • Antiteror Trainer: Appears at Volume 25 'Become a Model'. He tries to train Arthur but was in vain.


  • Volume 1 : 24 heures sur 24 (24 Hours a Day) (1981)
  • Volume 2 : Au nom de la loi (On Behalf of the Law) (1982)
  • Volume 3 : Sens interdit (No Entry) (1983)
  • Volume 4 : Voie sans issue (Nervous Bodyguard) (1984)
  • Volume 5 : Poulet aux amendes (Ticket Hunt) (1985)
  • Volume 6 : Ronde de nuit (Night Watch) (1986)
  • Volume 7 : Un flic à l'ombre (Getting Lazy) (1987)
  • Volume 8 : Pas de panique (Don't Panic) (1987)
  • Volume 9 : Brigade mobile (Skateboard Incident) (1988)
  • Volume 10 : Agent trouble (Land Drunking) (1988)
  • Volume 11 : Sifflez dans le ballon ! (Street Referee) (1989)
  • Volume 12 : Riz, ô poulet (Died Laughing) (1990)
  • Volume 13 : Un flic flanche (Big Shock) (1991)
  • Volume 14 : Sauté de poulet (Skydive) (1992)
  • Volume 15 : L'Appeau de l'ours (Bear Bait) (1993)
  • Volume 16 : Flic… aïe ! (Police Trauma) (1994)
  • Volume 17 : Poulet sans selle (Learning Horse Riding) (1995)
  • Volume 18 : Poulet rôti (Forest Fires) (1996)
  • Volume 19 : Cuisses de poulet (Strong Laughing) (1997)
  • Volume 20 : Chair de poule (Creeps) (1998)
  • Volume 21 : Ailes de poulet (Going Flying) (2000)
  • Volume 22 : Brigade des eaux (Water Brigade) (2001)
  • Volume 23 : Poulet en gelée (Ice Skating) (2003)
  • Best Of : Volume 1 (2003)
  • Volume 24 : Agent de poche (Try to Disguise) (2004)
  • Volume 25 : L'Agent prend la pose (Become a Model) (2006)
  • Volume 26 : À l'eau police (Stuck in the Water) (2007)
  • Volume 27 : Fauve qui peut ! (In the Lion Cage) (2009)
  • Best of Special Animaux (Animal Story) (2010)
  • Best of Special Frayeurs (Sinister/Insidious Story) (2011)
  • Volume 28 : Effet monstre (Costume Party) (2012)
  • Best of Special Fetes (Special Celebrations) (2013)


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