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Daniel Mustard EP is the debut EP from the singer-songwriter, Daniel 'Homeless' Mustard. This is the first set of original content from Daniel after a video of him covering Radioheads song Creep on The Opie and Anthony Show went viral on YouTube.[1] The EP was produced by James Bertuzzi and the artwork done by Pascal Coffez.

Track listing[edit]

All songs written and performed by Daniel Mustard

  1. Impulse to my Addiction
  2. Rats Racing
  3. One Day At a Time
  4. Do Without
  5. Evacuating to Mars


Daniel Mustard: Guitar, Vocals
Hap Pardo: Guitar
Paul Alves: Bass
Judd Nielson: Keyboards
James Bertuzzi: Drums and Percussion
Matt Dickey: Guitar
Kathryn Holtkamp: Background Vocals


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