Daniel and the Towers

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Daniel and The Towers is a Made-for-TV movie featuring the famous folk art masterpiece, the Watts Towers (located in the Watts neighborhood of Los Angeles), and their creator Simon Rodia's friendship with a 10-year-old neighborhood boy.

The story itself, and the friendship it describes, are fiction; however, Simon Rodia did build the towers. Some of the neighborhood situations that the movie portrays are factually based.

Distribution Information[edit]

The drama, under the WonderWorks Family Movie tag, came to television in 1987 and was released on VHS in 1992 .

  • Runtime: 61 min
  • Country: United States
  • Language: English
  • Color: Color


The movie was nominated by the Young Artist Awards in 1988 as "Best Television Family Special, Movie of the Week or Variety Show" and Miguel Alamo was nominated for "Best Young Actor Starring in a Television Drama Special, Movie of the Week or Variety Show".


In Credits Order

Actor/Actress Role(s)
Miguel Alamo Daniel Guerra
Shawn Harrison Sean
Jimmy Yung Liko
Allan Arbus Simon 'Sam' Rodia
Montrose Hagins Hellen Littlefield
Carmen Zapata Consuelo Guerra
Beulah Quo Lynn Chow
Michael McKean Wexler Hatch
Liam Sullivan Commissioner
Janice McElroy Miss Williams
Mary Lowitt Customer At Store
Steven Camarillo Rude Vacho 1
Telly Bilbrew Rude Vacho 2
Anthony James Guttierrez Rude Vacho 3
John Outterbridge Postman
Tom Noble Commissioner's Assistant



In Alphabetical Order

  • Anton Kline
  • Jessie Nelson
  • Camille Thomasson
  • Stephen Tolkin


  • Christopher Chase: Associate Producer
  • Judith James: Producer (as Judith Rutherford James)
  • Michael D. Pariser: Line Producer

Original Music[edit]

  • Dennis Dreith


  • Tom Hurwitz

Film Editing[edit]

  • Norman Hollyn


  • Vicki Hillman

Production Design[edit]

  • John Ivo Gilles

Costume Design[edit]

  • Heidi Freundlich Gilles (as Heidi Freundlich-Gilles)

Makeup Department[edit]

  • Marietta Carter-Narcisse: Hair Assistant (as Marietta Carter)
  • Marietta Carter-Narcisse: Makeup Assistant (as Marietta Carter)
  • Robin Siegel: Hair Stylist
  • Robin Siegel: Makeup Artist