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Danmarks Badminton Forbund (Denmark's Badminton Union) or DBF is the national governing body for the sport of badminton in Denmark. The organization represents 560 clubs and 118,000 players. The highest authority in DBF is the assembly where each member club is represented. The board of directors' duty is to ensure the organisation moves in the direction that the assembly decided. There is an administration that runs the organisation day-to-day.

The organisation maintains the rules of badminton for Denmark, usually in line with those of the International Badminton Federation.

DBF operates two "Elitecentre" where elite players can go to train under the supervision of such greats as Morten Frost and Thomas Stuer-Lauridsen. There is also a center for the development of youth players run by Lotte Olsen.

In addition to overseeing the national club competitions and running the national championship tournaments (including youth and senior championships), DBF organises international tournaments.


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