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Danny Cox
OriginCincinnati, Ohio
GenresFolk music, folk rock
Occupation(s)Singer-songwriter, musician

Danny Cox (born 1943) is a folk singer and songwriter best known for his 1974 LP album Feel So Good.

Life and career[edit]

Danny (Daniel Jr., AKA Sonny) Cox was born in Cincinnati, Ohio, to Bessy and Daniel Cox (Senior). Danny was the 7th of 8 children. As a youth, he sang in a church choir together with Rudolph Iseley. In the 1960s he started his professional career performing on a Hootennany Folk Tour.

Cox has recorded albums for ABC Dunhill, Casablanca, MGM and others. He also recorded with the well known recording/production company Good Karma Productions. Good Karma was run by Vanguard Coffee House (K.C.). Owner Stan Plesser, managed his career along with famous acts, such as: folk rock duo Brewer & Shipley, and the Southern rock band, The Ozark Mountain Daredevils

Danny Cox moved to Kansas City in 1967. Cox continued his career and prospered in Kansas City, both musically and personally.

On January 6, 2008, a fire destroyed his house and livelihood.[1] Several benefit concerts were organized by local musicians, the last of which was "Raise the Roof" in September 25, 2010. With that, and a lot of help from extended family, Danny Cox was able to rebuild his home.[2]

Cox now writes jingles and works with children's theaters.

September 2011 Cox recorded the long-awaited "KANSAS CITY-WHERE I BELONG" at Pilgrim Chapel in Kansas City, MO. Produced by Dr. Roger Coleman, filmmaker Benjamin Meade and musician Bob Walkenhorst, the CD (along with a short film entitled "Up Close and Personal" by Benjamin Meade) was released January 2012 by Pilgrim Chapel Music in Kansas City, MO. Included are tracks that Cox wrote more than 30 years ago along with more recent material featuring his son Joseph. The package artwork features several drawings by Cox and was designed by Amy Young.

In 2012 Cox wrote the music, lyrics and starred for the show "Fair Ball", a musical play about the dramatic history and courage of the men and women who played against all odds of racial segregation, including the "Jim Crow" laws, in the Negro Leagues baseball leagues. The musical is a revision of The Monarchs of KC and includies new songs, characters and true stories from a tumultuous and entertaining era of baseball history.[3]



  • Live at 7 Cities (1963)
  • Sunny (1968)
  • Birth Announcement (1969)
  • Live at the Family Dog (1970)
  • Danny Cox (1971)
  • Feel So Good (1974)
  • Troost Avenue Blues (3 Tracks) (2006)
  • Bring Our Loved Ones Back (1 Track) (2007)
  • Kansas City-Where I Belong (2012)


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