Danyahira Sirpa

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Danyahira Sirpa is an award given for the best people in the field of Nepal Bhasa. This award get its name from the names of Dana Ratna, Yagna Ratna & Hira Devi Dhakhwa. It is an award of fifty thousand rupees along with a citation on copper plaque is presented annually to a person or group that has made outstanding contributions or achievements in the field of Newari literature and culture (Music).[1] The award was started from 2004.

Awarded people[edit]

Year Field People
2004 Literature Purna Kaji Tamrakar
2005 Music Ratna, Lochan Bhattari and Bhushan Prasad Shrestha
2006 Literature Dr. Janak Lal Vaidya
2007 Music Amar Raj Rajopadhaya
2008 Literature Phanindra Ratna Bajracharya and Rajani Mila
2011 Music Nyhoo Bajracharya and Rita Maharjan


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