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Darin Henry is an American television writer. He has written for many different television series, including Seinfeld, Futurama and The War at Home. He also wrote a Big Finish Doctor Who audio called The Game. He wrote an episode for Shake It Up and is the co-executive producer for the series.

He is married to the actress Ursula Burton.

Writing credits[edit]

My Family

  • "While you Weren't Sleeping" (series 5)
  • "Neighbour Wars" (series 8)

(Also for the last episode of series 8 Henry was credited as an associate producer with Paul Minnett & Brian Leveson.)

  • "The Guru" and "Kenzo's Project" (co-written with Tom Anderson) (series 9)
  • "Mary Christmas" (co-written with Paul Minnett & Brian Leveson) (series 10)
  • "Darts All, Folks" (series 11)

Not Going Out

  • "Amy" (co-written with Lee Mack)
  • "Dancing" (co-written with Lee Mack)



The War at Home

  • "It's a Living"
  • "Three's Company"

Shake It Up

  • "Whodunit Up?" (season 2)
  • "Spirit It Up" (season 3)
  • "Clean It Up" (season 3)

K.C. Undercover

  • "Off the Grid" (season 1)

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